In December, Apple admitted to building iPhones in a way that slows them down to preserve power as they compensate for aging batteries. In a PR move, Apple has drastically dropped the price of battery replacements.

We all know what it’s like. You keep your charge cord in your backpack or purse so you can charge your iPhone battery on the go. You scan walls in public places for open electrical outlets, and you keep charge cords stashed in your car and around your house in key spots (next to your bed, next to your couch) for quick and easy juice. You and your co-workers have even been known to take turns charging your battery on the same cord — an iconic white cable which has become arguably one of the most precious possessions among today’s Americans.

iPhone batteries are notorious for wearing out and dying quickly, just a year or two into their use. And after Apple admitted that their phones’ performance is also automatically adjusted to match the battery life, there was a collective sigh of understanding heard across the world: “Oh, so that’s why I need to buy a phone every couple of years.”

It’s the battery. Not the phone.

As the battery wears down over time, the phone’s processor intentionally slows down to compensate, leaving frustrated customers finding themselves having to shell out more money for the latest and greatest model. It certainly seems like a money-making ploy for Apple. But even though they swore up and down that there was no malicious intent, Apple found itself facing multiple class action lawsuits and a public relations nightmare.

So naturally, in a desperate move to save face, Apple decided to make it right, dropping the price of a new iPhone battery from $79 to a do-able $29 until the end of December 2018. The new battery should make iPhones work “like new,” and the offer is good for any iPhone user with an iPhone 6 model or later.

In addition, an iOS software update will be released soon, which will inform users of their phone battery status and how it might be affecting performance.

How to Replace Your iPhone Battery for $29:

To take advantage of the deal, go to Apple’s website and set up a repair appointment at an Apple retail store or with an authorized Apple service provider. You could also mail your phone in for battery replacement service, but then you’d be phone-less for several days, and who wants that? Apple also recommends that you back up your device beforehand, that you turn off Find My iPhone, and that you remove all iTunes content.

Are you planning to get a new iPhone battery? What do you think about how Apple has handled the situation? We’d love to hear your thought in the comments below!

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