Wealthy donors. Special interests. Laws that don’t serve us well. How can we make sure that our elected officials are acting in our best interests? Clean Missouri is fighting dirty politics.

Citizens fed up with special interests controlling Missouri politics have a new way to fight back. Clean Missouri is an effort to introduce legislation that would force Missouri politics to be more transparent.

The movement has a number of goals. First, Clean Missouri proposes to eliminate virtually all lobbying activity. Gifts to politicians of more than $5 would be prohibited. Clean Missouri asserts that since 2004, an “average of $868,000 in lobbyist gift giving” has taken place each year.

Clean Missouri is also fighting for legislative records to be open to the public. Citizens and organizations are required by law to be transparent in their business transactions. Clean Missouri wants the Missouri legislature to operate with similar transparency.

Lowering the campaign contribution limit for state legislative candidates is also a goal of Clean Missouri. The idea is to level the playing field for special interests, so that Missouri politicians avoid becoming beholden to wealthy donors and well-funded organizations. “The Clean Missouri initiative will cap donations at $2,500 for state senate candidates and $2,000 for state house candidates.”

Clean Missouri also wants to change the rules regarding politicians turning their public service expertise into lucrative lobbying jobs. The initiative would prohibit Missouri senators and representatives from becoming lobbyists for two years after their terms ends.

New rules governing gerrymandering, the process of creating strategic legislative districts that can make or break elections, is also included in the initiative. Clean Missouri wants to ensure that no political party has an unfair advantage.

Clean Missouri

A solution for dirty politics.

Clean Missouri is “proud to be part of a growing coalition of Missourians who have had enough of the status quo in Jefferson City — citizens who are tired of waiting on politicians to reform themselves.”

The Clean Missouri Initiative seeks to give political power back to the people of Missouri. The organization believes that bold action is needed to rescue our government from special interest lobbyists. Increasing integrity, transparency, and accountability in our government in the goal.

The members of Clean Missouri are excited that people with different backgrounds and political views are uniting with the organization to change how the Missouri legislature operates. Both conservatives and liberals have joined the group as well as a wide variety of healthcare, education and non-profit organizations.

Clean Missouri

Does our legislature need a good bath? Clean Missouri to the rescue.

Are you tired of politics as usual in Jefferson City? Do you agree that a handful of wealthy mega-donors and special interests should be limited in their power to control our legislature? Click here to learn more about Clean Missouri and what you can do to make Missouri a better, more fair place for everyone.

Click here to donate to Clean Missouri, or consider sharing your thoughts and ideas. Do you want to tell your story about fairness and equity in Missouri politics? Clean Missouri wants to hear from you.

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